Efficiency in Motion
Environmental trucking company in Ontario
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Green Initiatives

It’s not a flavour of the month, it’s embedded in our culture

It’s encouraging to see the major shift in attitude towards protecting our planet for future generations. It’s not a fad that has come and gone but a growing movement and a shared approach to environmental stability. As much as we’ve done there is always room for improvement and it is our mandate to establish further developments that can help.

Currently we’ve adopted fuel saving initiatives available through better driving practices, well maintained equipment, ongoing installation of trailer side skirts, and “no-idle” policies. We’re certified members of Fleetsmart and Smartway.

There's always ways to improve

We have retrofitted our warehousing operation with high efficiency, sensor activated lighting and have independent controls for the cross dock, storage and distribution areas of the facility. New technology has allowed us to retrofit our forklifts with a catalytic converter to further reduce emissions.

In addition, the Transpro team is fully onboard with our longstanding recycling program. We are better at managing our energy resources within our facilities and have seen the increased efficiency from more frequent maintenance of our heating and cooling. We continue to make an effort individually so that collectively we can make a difference in reducing our carbon footprint.