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Safety and Security

We take care of our people, our equipment and most of all, our customers

Safety is one of our most important concerns and extends to every aspect of our operation. We have taken the measures necessary to develop the training and processes to ensure that our people are safe on the highway and at our facilities. The safety of the other lives we touch across North America is equally important.

Regular maintenance schedules, ongoing training and employing a dedicated and responsible workforce has garnered Transpro the highest ranking in safety for the industry. The study done by Markel insurance puts us in the top 5% of 1000 carriers participating in the study. Silvy Wright, President and CEO of Markel Insurance Company of Canada states, "It is our distinct pleasure to recognize Transpro’s commitment to safety and continuous improvement. Particularly their commitment to road safety and the uninterrupted flow of goods in Canada."

We employ full security measures at our facilities and crossing our borders

We follow stringent guidelines to ensure your goods are always kept safe and arrive in pristine condition. We are participants in all Homeland Security programs and keep current with the latest technology and compliance issues in crossing our borders.

Our facilities have fully fenced yards with 24/7 security and card system access for entry to areas where your goods are stored and/or distributed. With modern premises, well trained team members, diligent maintenance schedules and an experienced driving force we provide consistent cross border performance.